This isn’t a typical “About us” page.  This is about me, Theo Bill.  And I’m not a bunch of facts and figures – in fact none of us is, I believe.  We are our story though, and this is mine:

According to psychologists, some of the most stressful events in someone’s life is moving, divorce, and job loss.  In 2015 I had moved my home AND business, and had made the decision to end a 9 year relationship. I nearly hit a trifecta!  But I was also facing the impending bankruptcy of my company, so call it 3 out of 3. That I didn’t develop some awful disease, have a heart attack, or commit suicide is a miracle (although I certainly contemplated why I should bother going on).  

I had the brilliant idea to rent a cabin in Lake Tahoe for my birthday for a romantic getaway.  I figured if I could work on my marriage, it would be the foundation for all else.  It was a beautiful place – wood lined walls, a big, beautiful loft, a hot tub outside – a perfect place to watch the stars from, especially when you’re more than a mile above sea level.  

Let me backup a bit here…my ex and I had been going through a lot over the last year.  We were moving our farm, business, and home to a new town about 5 hours to the east.  Up and over the coastal mountains of northern california to the central valley – a much better environment for our business to thrive.  

The entire move took nearly a year.  

One of our first truckloads was in early December and I drove the last truckload the day before Thanksgiving.  Quite an undertaking! All while running a business from two locations. I ran the old one, my ex ran the new one.  

So….fast forward to my actual birthDAY and we’re talking about our relationship, our marriage – the culmination of 9 years of being together.  Lots had happened over the last year – a lot of pain and anger, and a lot of exciting changes too. But that day we were only talking about what had held us together for the last 9 years – our love and ability to see past anything in the other. 

And it happened.  

We said the words – “It’s over.”  

What a birthday present!  Ha!

But in actuality it was a magnificent present.  I don’t know that I’ve gotten a better one in my entire life.  But I sure didn’t know it at the time!

You see, my body was in a shambles.  I was 40 pounds heavier and had a 40 inch waist.  I was drinking more than a bottle of wine (all by myself) each night to try and dull the pain and loneliness I was feeling inside.  On top of that I was still eating pretty rich farm food – a lot of eggs, tons of (homemade) bread, pork from our pigs, and just in general not moving around much despite living on the farm.  

When someone sees me for the first time now though they get a certain impression.  I get asked how long I’ve been training, and most people are pretty surprised it isn’t a lot longer than it is.  I’m grateful I’ve been able to make the improvements in my health and body that I have, but I’ve also worked really hard for it – and now I’m hooked!

I grew up as a scrawny, dorky, buck-toothed geek with glasses (aka “four eyes”)!  I’m sure you know (or knew) the type.  In fact I was in no better (probably much worse) shape at 38 than I was at 14!  But when my waist size suddenly matched my age, I knew I had to do something soon or I’d be staring at a heart attack or worse.  

If you looked at my life from the outside – happily married for 9 years, owning and running a successful 7 figure business, and the excitement of a new town, you would have thought I would be living a great life.  

But I was way past my threshold of what I could tolerate. It’s important in life to know your comfort thresholds – and I was WAAAAY past mine!   Instead of dealing with the stress in a healthy way, I let my stress get the better of me. I kept holding out for “things will get better.” The eternal (drunk) optimist!

Back to Lake Tahoe – When I was smacked in the face with reality, I had no option other than to take a pretty hard look at my life.

It’s funny how life works sometimes.

And what I saw wasn’t great.  It was pretty dismal actually.  I’m grateful I never got to the point of contemplating suicide seriously, but there were some moments that I thought it would be easier to be through with this life, that’s for sure.

One of the first things I did was to start reading – about body AND mind – what I was going through psychologically, but also I wanted to learn how to rebuild my health.  

And there was a LOT of information to wade through!  A lot of crap, but some nuggets of truth and great advice.  

There’s a lot of great people out there that can give you some fantastic advice on how to build your body, improve your health & nutrition.  

But it’ll take a lot of reading, watching “YouTube University”, and lots of trial and error, which many people need in order to value that information.

But If you just simply want the essential bits of information, that’s where I’d like to help out.

I promise you that I will ONLY share those things I personally find so valuable that I do them myself, often using them in my daily life.

The ONLY thing in life you can’t get back is time.  And I promise I won’t waste it.

I get asked by a lot of folks what did I do, where did I get my training – can I train them, etc… And I offer tips and suggestions as I can, but I always thought – there are people out there way more qualified than me to help these people.

Until a good friend finally convinced me that I did have something to offer – especially to people just like me.  

You see, back when I was that scrawny kid, I wasn’t overweight.  But in NO WAY was I “in shape” or even healthy. I never went to the gym.  I didn’t know what a “superset” or what the difference between a barbell and a dumbell was.  I was intimidated by all those people in the gym wearing their tight clothes, strutting around with their heads held high in the air, staring at themselves in the mirror while they curl a huge weight.  

But I can say that now, I am perfectly at home in the gym, I am not intimidated by even the biggest guys there.  I’m no longer a timid “guest” at the gym – I don’t feel like a fraud when I walk into the gym. I feel like I belong there.

Having gone through a lot of trial and error, a lot of wading through just plain worthless information, as well as learning from some really great people, what I know can help folks just like you who are just starting out.   

If you’re just starting out, or you’re starting again and need a good fast track to some sucess, this program is for you.  Don’t let another new year’s resolution slip away meaninglessly. Take action for your health TODAY.

I was that same guy.  I didn’t know a THING about how to exercise properly, what to eat, or how to keep myself going (cause let’s face it – making it a habit is the hardest thing).  And worse, I was intimidated to begin – because I didn’t want to look like an idiot.

I’m not a trainer – I have no “formal” training, but I have been to the school of hard knocks.  I’ve picked myself up time and time again – just like you. And I’ve learned a lot along the way.  I’ve spent close to 2 hours a day in the gym at least 5-6 days a week for over the last 2 years (and spent hundreds of hours watching videos and reading blogs, and bought dozens of programs), so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

How do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Are you happy when you grab your love handles? 

Have you been going to the gym for years?


How would you like to be successful in half the time?  

How would you like to feel confident when you walk in the gym?

How would you like to have your life back in control? 

So many people in this life get convinced that they can’t do something.  And the saddest part is it’s their own doubt, shame, and inexperience that is in the driver’s seat.  I’m absolutely convinced that if someone has the desire, the knowledge, and the tools to form new habits, you can do just about anything!  

The biggest lesson:  YOU CAN DO IT! So long as you can do three simple things, and do them pretty consistently (which I’ll help you with), you can meet just about ANY GOAL you make for yourself.  

And you know what’ll happen then?  You’ll have another goal – and another, and another.  You’ll get addicted to how good it feels checking off those goals.  And pretty soon, someone will come up to YOU and ask you for advice!

Can you imagine how good that will feel?

I know it sure knocked me for a loop – I was so humbled and surprised that someone would ask ME about my experience and knowledge – you could have knocked me over with a feather!